Welcome to Deluscious Bites!

My love of cooking, baking and eating began early in my childhood. I grew up in India, a land famous for exotic spices and diverse cuisines, and I dreamed early on in life of becoming a professional chef or baker. My mother is my inspiration. As early as I can remember, I followed her around the kitchen as she prepared delicious, wholesome meals for our family. I can still taste her mouth-watering curries, which we devoured with whole-wheat chapattis – an Indian flatbread.
I inherited my passion for experimentation in cooking from my mother. Her tender touch with delicate vegetables and fragrant spices went well beyond following recipes from cookbooks. She would taste a dish one time and be off playing with flavours and ingredients, recreating recipes and adding her own personal twists and flavours. My mother taught me that cooking is not simply about combining ingredients – it’s about adding soul to every dish.

As I grew older, I transitioned from assistant chef in my mother’s kitchen to follow in her footsteps creating and adapting recipes on my own. I enjoyed experiencing foods and flavours from a variety of cultures, and incorporating them into my own personal style of cooking. When it was time for me to choose a career path, I chose to pursue my passion for food. With the help and support of my family, I moved to Rhode Island to study the art and science of pastry and baking at Johnson and Wales University. This was an unusual choice for a young Indian woman, but my wonderful family made it possible.

With this journey across the globe and a whole new world of cuisines at my fingertips, I embraced travel. Everywhere I went, I made a point of learning about the local culture and cuisine, and sampling as many delicious dishes as I could to add to my repertoire.

When I married the love of my life in 2010, I got a partner in my quest for new taste experiences. My husband is an avid foodie, but also suffers from lactose intolerance and an allergy to egg proteins. To accommodate this, I spend a lot of time developing and adapting personalized specialty vegan dishes that we can enjoy together.

Having finally settled in Arizona, I also began to study photography, a skill that complements my love of food and allows me to capture my creations every step of the way. I believe strongly in living a healthy life. I share my life’s motto – eat healthy, stay fit, stay calm – with my wonderful brother. I work hard to maintain a balanced lifestyle and share my passion for life with everyone around me. I volunteer with Reading Seed to work with elementary school children as well as donating my time at the local animal shelter. And of course, I exercise regularly and eat well with my loving husband every day.

The word ‘stressed’ backwards spells ‘desserts’. Many people choose to eat dessert when stressed, but for me, dessert is more than just a tasty treat on a bad day. Baking gives me a creative outlet and relieves my stress. Getting to eat my sweet creations afterwards is just a delicious bonus.

Here at Deluscious Bites, I try to spread the sweetness around with recipes, stories and photos from my adventures in the kitchen. Join me and share my journey through life with food!

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