Happy New Year

January 15, 2015


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Wishing you all a very happy and blessed 2015!

Hope you all had tremendous holidays. I know it’s quite a task to fall back into the routine, after such a fantastic time and I still feel worn out after having such an amazing Christmas and New Year celebrations. The last few weeks were so hectic that I had to put my pen down for a while and cater the preparations for Christmas which, by the way were so much exhilarating; decorating the house, wrapping the presents, being around family and enjoying with friends, and lastly for me, preparing the Christmas feasts . In the Christmas hustle bustle we can surely lose track of our diet and the things we eat, but that can be an exception, for one has to enjoy the celebrations and flow with the fun.

Happy New year cookies

Every year, as my Christmas special, I tend to make different batches of cookies, to send out to family and friends. This year I chose to go out with chocolate liqueur, coffee bites, oatmeal vegan and whole wheat date and nut. As a Christmas specialty, we incline to try a different cuisine for the special feast. Last year I have had my way with Italian. This year we chose the American BBQ.

My brother, the ‘Burger King’ of our family makes different kinds of remarkable burger patties with lamb, beetroot, and lentils. Ah such deliciousness is truly a delight to die for! Never had I ever experienced such scrumptiousness before.  With the main course being an absolute favorite came in the desserts. A Charlotte Royale filled with mango Bavarian crème and citrusy cheesecake topped with raspberry compote proved to be an equal big hit!


On the New Year’s Eve we decided to drive to LA. My trip to LA is incomplete without visiting the farmer’s market. As important it is to know where the food that one eats is coming from, it’s equally important to support the indigenous farmers who provide it. The farmer’s market is huge with a variety of available fruits, vegetables and food joints. The fruits are a delight even to look at. Their freshness and their bright natural colors are tempting enough to make me crave for them. I just can’t resist for long after spotting brightly colored juicy fruits. The chocolate cone espresso shots available at Zia Valentina are simply a treat. If you are a coffee lover, then be sure you try them. Their bold acidic coffee flavor mixed with sweetened crunchy cone is a perfect combination, truly an irresistible delight!

New year 2014-20157

New year 2014-20155

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